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Donations to the Foundation

Approximately 60-65% of the Foundation's revenue is derived from individual and business donations of various types.  Most of these donations result from the annual pledge drive.

To make a donation now, click on the GiveMN - Donate Now button to the right.

The list of recent donors is published in the Annual Report. To see a list of donors for the fiscal year 2021, go to pages 7-10 of the 2021 Annual Report.

Types of Donations

Donations to the Foundation have two basic forms: unrestricted funds and restricted funds. Within the restricted category, we also have the endowment funds. Each category places different limitations on how the money can be used. We offer a very brief description here, and each is explained more fully on its own page.

Generally, unrestricted donations are used at the discretion of the Board to support Foundation operations. This category allows the Board the greatest level of freedom in meeting changing needs and priorities.

Restricted donations must be used for purposes consistent with the parameters established by the donor.

Donations to the endowment are invested in order to earn income. That earned income is then used to support ongoing activities. Thus these donations are the most restricted of all.

The list of recent donors is published in the Annual Report. To see a list of donors for the fiscal year 2019-2020, go to pages 9-14 of the 2019-20 Annual Report. Note that owing to an error, the last of those pages is incorrect. The correct information is instead in the Spring Newsletter on page 5.

Timing of Donations

While most donations result from responses to publications (e.g., the annual report or the semi-annual newsletters), others come in response to other circumstances. Some donations come through people's estates at the time of their death - legacy gifts. Other donations are made "in honor of" or "in memory of" a significant person.

Matching Funds

Many companies make matching gifts based on an employee's donation. You can check with your company's Personnel or Human Resources department to see whether your company will match your donation. 

In-Kind Gifts

Many area businesses make donations to the Foundation in the form of goods or services.  These gifts make it possible for the Foundation to save money on operating expenses. And often these gifts provide a portion of revenues through door-prizes and auctions. 

To see a list of recent in-kind donations, go to page 11 of the 2019-2020 Annual Report.

To make a donation of goods or services, please contact our office at (612) 668-4344.  And thank you for your consideration!

To make a donation now, click on the GiveMN - Donate Now button to the right.

Legacy Gifts

A 'legacy' donation typically results from the Foundation being included in someone's will. As with other donations, it can be unrestricted, restricted, or given to the endowment. A legacy gift is most often a specific dollar amount or percentage of an estate, but it can also be a transfer of investments (e.g., stocks or bonds) or even real property. You can download a brochure about the Tiger Legacy Circle by clicking here.

Since this sort of gift is going to a nonprofit organization, it may have tax implications for the estate.

Please contact our legacy coordinator if you would like information on how to include the Friends of South High in your estate planning. Of course, you should also discuss your options with your legal counsel.

Gifts in Honor or in Memory of Someone

These gifts are made to honor or remember someone's life. Typically the 'someone' was a member of the South High community as as student/alumnus or staff member.  These gifts will be listed on our web site and in our bi-annual newsletters.

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The Mission of the Friends of South High Foundation: provide financial assistance and support for programs at South High School that directly enhance the students’ overall high school experience by enriching their academic, cultural and extracurricular experience; and to support and enhance their ability to further their education.