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Deceased Alumni and Friends

The Foundation does its best to track the deaths of people affiliated with South High, including alumni, staff, and friends. As the deaths are reported to us, we periodically update this website. This page saw its last update on 15-Mar-2022.

We have records for the deaths of about 4,000 people. We make this information available in two reports - each contains about 200 pages. The first is sorted alphabetically by last and first name. The second is sorted by last and first names within class year. Please note that the second report shows no class year for staff or friends, only for alumni. Thus the first 40 pages or so of this second report are simply by last and first name.

Step 1: Determine which report you want to see.

Step 2: Click on the link for that report. What happens next depends on what kind of computer you are using (i.e., Windows or Mac) and which browser you are using (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari).

Alphabetic Report by Last and First Names

Class Year Report - Alphabetic within Class Year

The intent is to open the report (actually a PDF file) in a new tab in your browser. If you have set a default option on how your computer should open a PDF file, that option dictates what happens. If you do not have a default handler for PDF files, you may need to download a product such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free of charge from

Step 3: Locate the relevant information.

Once the report is opened, you can use the usual "find" or "search" function. This is often Ctrl+F in the Windows environment or Command+F in the Mac environment.

Note that if you search for a year, such as "1966", you may land on a row in the report where that is the class year or you may land on a row where that is the year of the reported death.

Note also that you may be able to search for both last and first names using something like this: ayers thomas. Using ayers 1955 does not, however, seem to work.


Reporting a Death

If you would like to notify the Foundation of a death, please click here to send an email to the office. In the email, put as much identifying information as you can:



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The Mission of the Friends of South High Foundation: provide financial assistance and support for programs at South High School that directly enhance the students’ overall high school experience by enriching their academic, cultural and extracurricular experience; and to support and enhance their ability to further their education.