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(The slide show just above features the current Board members.)

The Board of Directors

The Foundation is governed by a Board consisting of between 4 and 20 voting members elected each year. The members serve a 3-year term with their terms in office having staggered expiration dates. For instance, in 2020, about one third of the members' terms would expire. Members can be re-elected. Typically members elected in 2020 would serve as part of the 'class of 2023'.

In addition, the President can appoint (with the Board's approval) up to three non-voting members, including the current Principal of the school.

The Board is called 'self-sustaining' - that means that the current Board members elect the new Board members. The election occurs at the annual meeting held in May. The Board usually meets monthly during the school year, and as often during the summer months as is necessary.

The Board elects four of its own to serve as officers on a one-year term. The officers include the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary and the Treasurer. Those four plus the immediate Past-President comprise the Board's Executive Committee.

If you're interested in more about what the Board does, and perhaps even seeking election to the Board, please click here to contact the Board President by email.

Roster of Current Board Officers

Role Name Grad Yr

Term Ends

President Judy Ayers* 1966 2021
Vice President Alicia Skow** N/A 2021
Secretary Bob Rasmussen 1961 2022
Treasurer Will Nagle 1990 2021

*Grants Committee Chair

Roster of Other Current Board Members

Name Grad Yr Board Term Ends Committee
Calvo‐Jordan, Kingsley 1990 2023
Dale Dockin 1968 2022 Grants
Mike Feriancek 1968 2023 Golf and
Friday Night Lights
Sally Godfrey N/A 2021
Melvin Haagenson 1981 2023
Henning, Taylor 1998 2022
Jerry Herby 1968 2023 Pancake Breakfast
Judy Jungwirth 1961 2023 Alumni Luncheon
McNaughton, Bill 1993 2022 Technology
Murray, Jane 1990 2022
Nancy Rosenow 1976 2021 Grants
Dick Westby 1952 2023 Historian
Wilson, Caledonia 2015 2021

The Board guides the operation of the Foundation through a series of committees. These include:

If you're interested in more about what these committees do, and perhaps even volunteering to serve on a committee, please click here to contact the Board President by email.

For information about the Board of Directors,
click here to send a note to the Board President.

The Mission of the Friends of South High Foundation: provide financial assistance and support for programs at South High School that directly enhance the students’ overall high school experience by enriching their academic, cultural and extracurricular experience; and to support and enhance their ability to further their education.