Leaving our print for over 40 years

Since 1983, the South High Foundation has been on a mission to enhance students’ overall high school experience, while supporting their ability to build a better future.
We invite you to find your way to Leave Your Print.

Over 40 years ago, a group of dedicated volunteers came together to put the steps in motion to start the South High Foundation. They did this with one important mission in mind: To enhance the experience for South High students. While we have evolved with the times to change how we advance that mission, the end goal has always stayed the same.


From grants that support activities and growth within the school, to scholarships to assist students looking for education after graduating from South, our Tiger pride shows as we continue to find ways to make the South High experience even better.


Over the last 40 years, over 1,000 alumni have chosen to leave their print in service of making South better. From volunteer opportunities to financial gifts, any helps makes its mark.