Keeping the South High Foundation Strong for Generations to Come

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A donation to the South High Foundation helps make our grants and scholarships programs possible.
To make an online donation right now, please visit our GiveMN page:

Be a Cornerstone


When you donate to the foundation, you have the option to designate your donation to be used to support a specific program (for example: “music” or “sports funding”). If you choose not to specify a program to support, your donation helps us meet changing needs and priorities within the programs we offer, as part of our unrestricted funds that are spent at the discretion of the Board.


We are proud to have a 40 year history supporting the South High community, and hope to continue such work for many decades to come. As part of this effort, the Foundation maintains an endowment, from which we collect interest payments to go towards our annual spending budget, without spending down the money invested in the account. You may also specify if you wish to donate directly to the endowment.

Legacy Giving

We are also grateful to individuals who have made a lasting impact with legacy donations. The Tiger Legacy Circle refers to donors who have chosen to include the Foundation in their wills. More information about this program can be found here. We are happy to answer any questions about Legacy Giving here.